Here's the Best Thing Our Customer Care Specialist Ate This Weekend

February  8, 2016

We get asked all the time: What do you cook at home? Here's a little inspiration from our customer care specialist Melissa Langer:

I love breakfast. If you could scoop out my soul, it'd likely resemble eggs Florentine and half of a peppered avocado. I'm constantly craving those savory, wholesome flavors and make every effort to pop them into each meal.

My go-to lunch is eggs on toast—I prefer this option because it:

  1. Takes 15 minutes max to make, which is essential when sharing a kitchen with 3 roommates
  2. You can pretty much throw anything on this combo and it'll be delicious
  3. It's sneaky way to eat half a sandwich at any time of day

This weekend, I started mine by toasting one heavy slice of multigrain bread. I ran out of avocados (the horror) so I whipped up some hummus by processing chickpeas, olive oil, garlic, and a mighty handful of leftover roasted red peppers. Then I topped that with fresh arugula, and an over-easy egg (fried in olive oil). Then, I liberally splashed it with my near and dear Cholula hot sauce and some ground pepper... and promptly gobbled it down.

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Jenna February 11, 2016

That looks so good....I've never had that. Can I try a little? Just a bite?
JCKOAY February 11, 2016
This sounds remarkable, just splendid! I, too, share a kitchen with 3 roommates and understand the travesty of dancing around them. Good thing they are pretty cool and can cook (at least two of them can). The best part is l, we always have eggs and cholula.. Oh and a cat (he's for show, not eating).