Strange but Good: Why and How to Pair Eggs with Yogurt

February 29, 2016

Separately, eggs and yogurt are both worthy components of your breakfast table, but together they are an equally amazing team. This may sound strange to you—but stay with me.

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Think about it: Eggs and cream or milk are a pretty traditional match. Scrambled eggs, for instance, are perfectly good on their own, but it's pretty common to add a bit of dairy for a little extra creaminess. So who says eggs’ partner in this dream team has to be restricted to a particular milk product? Yogurt not only contributes that same creamy element to your favorite egg dishes, but it also adds reasonable heft and a delightfully unexpected tang where something like milk would otherwise fall short.

Here's how to try it:

  • Take a cue from Rose Shulman and use strained or Greek yogurt as the dairy in your frittata.
  • Make eggs en cocotte using yogurt for an unconventional take on this traditional dish (try the same substitution in your next quiche!).
  • Try spreading thick yogurt on toast and drizzling it with olive oil before piling on your personal preference of prepared eggs (add smoked salmon for something truly special).
  • Make deviled eggs using Greek yogurt instead of mayo.
  • Or use it as the binding agent in egg salad.
  • Do as they do in Turkey and serve a big spoonful of yogurt alongside your eggs.
  • Dollop strained (or Greek) yogurt in an omelet in place of goat cheese.
  • Use yogurt as a creamy, cooling agent in a spiced tomato dish like shakshuka.
  • Chef April Bloomfield likes her eggs and yogurt with meatballs—maybe you will too.

What's the strangest, but best egg dish you've ever had? Let us know in the comments!

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Sarah E Daniels

Written by: Sarah E Daniels

It's mostly a matter of yeast.

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Nicole S. March 18, 2020
Just tried this out in my omelette this morning and not gonna lie, its actually pretty good. probably gonna add less yogurt next time and opt for other seasoning but it does give the eggs a little extra something