7 Solid Brass Ladles, Spoons, and Flatwares—New in Our Shop!

March 10, 2016

Naturally strong and resistant to corrosion and wear, brass is a material that's prized not just for its golden-child good looks. To be completely honest, however, we love it especially for its color and gleam—in small, impactful doses around the kitchen and home. There's also the wonderful way it patinas after spending time in your hands.

A new brass wok spoon from Sir Madam. Photo by Mark Weinberg

Which is why we're very stoked about our newest brass serveware—a category we've long hoped to bring to the Shop and our readers. Only recently did we discover a trove of super-attractive, reasonably-priced solid brass serving pieces—and they're from one of our very own makers, Sir Madam. The designs start in the past: The owners cull flea markets to find the best vintage tools and shapes, which they then translate into solid brass designs that will last even longer and the designs they were inspired by.

Please welcome the new pieces, which are exclusive to Food52 for a limited time!

Egg Spoon

For scooping our freshly hard boiled eggs from their pot, this single-slotted spoon is a lifesaver for egg salad-makers everywhere.

Photo by Rocky Luten
Photo by Mark Weinberg

Slotted Spatula

A little thicker than a traditional fish spatula, this generously slotted utensil will help you flip meats, seafood, and even flapjacks while allowing the oil to drip right away.

Photo by Mark Weinberg

Spoon Rest

For resting your stirring spoon after its been lingering in tomato sauce or a rich beef stew, this medium-sized spoon rest is a bright spot—even beside a dirty stove.

Photo by Bobbi Lin
Photo by Rocky Luten

Colander Ladle

For coaxing wee ravioli, al dente penne, or barely-blanched vegetables out from boiling water—or for hanging on a hook nearby and admiring while it's off-duty—this colander-ladle combo has won our hearts.

Photo by Mark Weinberg

Wok Spoon

With a hammered finish and light brassy sheen, this ingenious spoon will keep vegetables and meats moving around in your wok (don't scooch them until they've browned!), and is just as perfect for sloshing in ladlefuls of sauce.

Photo by Rocky Luten
Photo by Mark Weinberg

Serving Ladle

With a flat bottom—so it stands up on its own between scoopings—and a hammered finish, this generously sized serving ladle will get your soups and stews into bowls pronto.

Photo by Mark Weinberg

Florentine Flatware

In five-piece settings that include a salad fork, dinner fork, knife, teaspoon, and soup spoon, this golden-hued flatware set might just upstage dinner (and that's A-OK with us).

Photo by Mark Weinberg

Which new brass piece are you most excited about? Share your favorites in the comments.

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Lee H. August 5, 2016
I planned to buy the SirMadam brass ladle because I saw it in my A List issue of Elle Decor (June 2016). It was listed at $42.00, but I see that you are listing it for $84.00. Which is it?