The Easiest Way to Transport Your Eggs (& You Already Own It!)

March 14, 2016

It can be hard to pack a lunch. I get it. As much as I try to ensure I have leftovers to eat the following day, in reality there's always a day or two when that just isn't going to happen.

But, if there is one thing I've learned, it's that packing something is better than nothing.

That's why in moments of fridge desperation, raw eggs are my go-to. If you have stove access at work, you're in luck. Scrounge up some bread or salad greens and you suddenly have a warm, enjoyable meal on your hands. If you really have no accompaniments, scrambled eggs are there for desperate times. And, just like the middle school lunchroom, you never know who might want to trade or combine forces. I've traded one soft-boiled egg for pasta before, because who doesn't want a runny yolk over a tangle of noodles?

Photo by Kaitlin Bray

The trick is getting eggs from point A to B without a crack. I used to gently coddle them in paper towels, pack them into a ziplock, and hope for the best. But after getting prematurely scrambled on the A train one morning, I knew there had to be a better way. Enter the easiest hack.

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Considering egg cartons are designed to protect eggs, in a lightbulb (but also duh!) moment, I realized all I needed to do was make a smaller carton: Simply cut off the last two egg cups, put in your eggs, and secure with a rubber band.

Photo by Kaitlin Bray

Voilà commute-friendly, affordable, tasty lunch.

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Kaitlin Bray

Written by: Kaitlin Bray

My desert island ingredients are salt, olive oil, and lemon.


Rugged B. May 16, 2019
Victoria M. March 18, 2016
When I saw this in the fridge I audibly gasped! Genius!
Sarah E. March 14, 2016
This is truly brilliant.
Ella March 14, 2016
Umm, expect for this idea going against the CDC's advice to avoid contamination with eggs. Think about it. The carton contained raw eggs which could have samonella. This is about the same as cooking chicken and plating it back onto the styrofoam it came on.
Nikki March 14, 2016
Per the above, the eggs are RAW - not cooked! :)
laurenlocally March 14, 2016
So smart. And takes up so much less room than my current, clunky, tupperware so-so-solution.
Leandra March 14, 2016
the egg bra lives! love this so much