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A Spring Version of Summery Potato Salad—Sans Potatoes

April  3, 2016

For many of us, the weather continues to waffle back and forth: One day we’re grabbing our light spring jacket, the next we’re reluctantly grabbing our heavy winter coat—the one we’d been sure we’d worn for the last time. Stuffing our arms into puffy sleeves—and indignantly leaving behind the hat we know our ears might appreciate—we grumble about when rosé season will finally arrive (now!) and when we’ll be able to picnic (soon?).

Photo by Alexandra Stafford

This salad is the perfect I-wish-I-was-outside salad. It’s the spring version of summery potato salad—sans potatoes. It has a mix of crunch (radishes and cucumber) and mush (feta and hard-boiled eggs); and for a lettuce-free salad, it’s surprisingly filled with green: fresh dill, scallions, and radish tops. And its sour cream and yogurt dressing is comforting, thickly coating every bite, consoling us that warmer weather is surely right around the corner.

Photo by Alpha Smoot

This recipe comes to us from the late, longtime Food52er Kukla. Of it, she wrote: “As soon as spring comes, this is the first salad on my menu. It is really our family’s favorite salad.”

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Her directions on chopping and slicing the vegetables are sparse, and unfortunately, she’s no longer with us to ask exactly how she did it. I chose a medium-dice for the cucumbers and thin slices for the radishes (which meant I had to hand-separate clumps of radish slices in the salad since they were prone to sticking together). The good news is, the salad will taste good however you prep the vegetables: Slice the radishes into half-moons, finely dice the cucumbers, or roughly chop them both and call it a (spring) day.

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Alexandra S. May 18, 2016
Can't wait to try this one!
Lauren K. April 3, 2016
This is basically my dream side dish.
Lynn D. April 3, 2016
This looks delicious. I often make sans potato salad with steamed cauliflower and lots of hard boiled egg.
Bevi April 3, 2016
So happy that you continue to remember Kukla by featuring her terrific recipes. She was one of a kind and I miss her.