April Fools' Day

A Special Message from Amanda & Merrill

April  1, 2016

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    Caitlin Raux Gunther
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    Amanda Greeley
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AntoniaJames April 1, 2016
Seriously you should team up with Steph *Curry* and Under Armour to launch in the retail department here joint branded curry-related products for athletes (and other people working on their three pointers and Ph.D. level dribbles and passes, and general athletic greatness, or who just love great food, as the Curry family does). I can't think of a better way to increase your market cap at least x $1MM overnight.

Steph's wife Ayesha is a thoughtful, imaginative cook, by the way, whose approach seems nicely aligned with the Food52 brand, so this is not as far fetched as one might think.

Or get Ayesha to contribute here. ;o)
AntoniaJames April 1, 2016
Actually that should be "at least 1MM times"; I'm so used to putting the dollar sign before any number+MM. Obviously recovering from end of quarter deal crunch here . . . . ;o)
Caitlin R. April 1, 2016
sah good. lolzzzz
Rhonda35 April 1, 2016
Ohmigosh! It's a two-for-one April Fool's Day at Food52 this year! So funny!
zeldie April 1, 2016
I love millennials and their tech abilities. Amanda Greely...we are all a little jealous. You actually really astound us. We just can't keep up and it's April Fool's Day. laugh and lighten up. It is all in good fun. Every generation has it's fun stereotype. I definitely want one used potholder and pitcher and one or two millennials.
Amanda G. April 1, 2016
P.S. Can't wait to hear back from the Millennial who has to respond to the comments.
Amanda G. April 1, 2016
Hi Food 52!

As a life long cooking and food enthusiast, I have been following Food 52 since close to the beginning. Aside from being a lover of all things kitchen, there's something else that I am: A Millennial. I have to say that I find this short video to be insulting. It saddens me that people seem to think that my generation is only good for Instagram and Pinterest, that we aren't capable of making eye contact, and don't have any business ideas that aren't centered on social media. The reason that so many Gen-Yers have been forced into 'social' jobs isn't because we love looking at screens or love 'sharing', whatever that means... It's because that's what the world wanted from us when we entered the work force.

Keep being the awesome food resource that you are, but consider that millennials might want to do more than hold a phone.
HalfPint April 1, 2016
It's April Fool's Day. Trust no one and believe nothing.
Kenzi W. April 1, 2016
Very excellent motto for today.
nannydeb April 1, 2016
Ya'll are wonderfully nutty!
jenniebgood April 1, 2016
Haha - customizable millenials! Very nicely done.
PG T. April 1, 2016
Disco fries.
I want some DISCO FRIES!!!
Peter April 1, 2016
Well done but yeah, bring back the disco fries!
PG T. April 1, 2016
I've never quite gotten over what a sexy dancer Merrill is...