Win a Pillivuyt Patisserie Footed Cake Platter!

April 18, 2016

You've done it: You've properly measured the ingredients, read (and re-read) the recipe, mastered the buttercream basics, and baked your best cake to date. So why shouldn't you put it on a pedestal?

Photo by Bobbi Lin

The Pillivuyt Patisserie Footed Cake Platter might just be the perfect podium to display your latest baked creation: With classic scalloped contours, it’s both pretty enough for a party and practical enough to justify taking up everyday counter-space. (French porcelain company Pillivuyt has been around for nearly 200 years—so we'd say they know what they're doing.)

The sweetest part? We're giving away one of these away! All you need to do to enter is tell us about the best cake you ever had in the comments below by Wednesday, April 20th at 12pm EST, and we'll randomly choose a winner. This contest is open to U.S. residents only.

Tell us about the best cake you've ever had in the comments below for a chance to win a Pillivuyt Patisserie Footed Cake Platter!

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Sarah E Daniels

Written by: Sarah E Daniels

It's mostly a matter of yeast.


Crystal O. February 2, 2018
The BEST cake I ever had was a Lamb Easter Cake ( that my boss made for me for my bday and brought it into work for all of our co-workers to enjoy! My birthday is around Easter and I am a HUGE animal fan, so it was perfect and showed how much she appreciated me.
Margaux April 15, 2017
The best cake I ever had was a Devil's Food Cake. So much chocolate!!
LouLou April 25, 2016
The best cake I ever had - don't remember the actual cake, but I do remember going to eat cake with my Mom and my Oma when we went to Germany to visit. Cake has never tasted better than in the company of my German Grandmother!
daniella April 21, 2016
i once made a vanilla bundt and soaked it with whiskey!
Peggasus April 20, 2016
My husband used to get me this fancy white pear cake for my birthday every year; pears in it and and decorating it. Not only was it beautiful, it was delicious! And then we moved away, so I haven't had it in years, but I sure remember it fondly!
Tara H. April 20, 2016
My heart was so incredibly full while I watched my then 5 year old son measure, pour and use our mixer (with my help!) to make a birthday cake for his Dad...he was so happy to be a part of creating his cake! We made a homemade yellow cake with cream cheese frosting...NOTHING BETTER! Cooking with kids is the best!!!
melissa April 20, 2016
The best cake I ever ate was my wedding cake. It was a white cake with buttercream frosting but had a fresh raspberry cream filling. It was so delicious. I have never had a cake that good again.
pmdreiling April 20, 2016
A lovely chocolate raspberry torte... Amazing!
Kimberly April 20, 2016
The best cake ever.. Hands down the birthday cakes my father made for me every year. German Chocolate with the coconut pecan frosting. Both came from a box/mix. I though it was so adult and fancy. Then I would make "Birthday Cake Soup". My dad would serve me my cake and ice cream in a bowl... You smash the cake together with the melty ice cream till combined. Then enjoy! To this day I make a German chocolate cake for my birthday every year. Now from scratch of course ;).
Justine April 20, 2016
Chocolate fudge cake is my favorite. It's been the cake that every family member requests for their birthday. My mom used to always make it and now I share the cake making with her!
arajpur April 20, 2016
Flour Bakery's triple chocolate mousse cake, especially when it's been sitting in the fridge.
Gus'Mom April 20, 2016
It was a chocolate cake, the first I ever baked from scratch. It was a dark, moist, Devils-Foody kind of cake with milk chocolate buttercream frosting whipped fluffy and swirled on top with a spoon. A cake: two layers, thick slices, melt in your mouth delicious birthday treat igniting my love of baking.
ItsBrooksie April 20, 2016
I love cake, but I got excited about it when I was a kid in a way I never have as an adult. My favorite then was my mom's strawberry shortcake-style cake, which she would make for my birthday.
Stephanie April 20, 2016
The best cake I ever had was a German chocolate cake with an extra decadent coconut filling - basically all of my favorite ingredients in one place. I can't even remember the restaurant but I still remember the taste of the cake!
Shelley T. April 20, 2016
Guinness chocolate cake!!! I really picky about cakes, and this cake was THE best chocolate cake on earth. I found the recipe online before St.Patrick's Day one year while searching for new recipes to make for my family. Now I make it every year!
TheOriginalWalrus April 19, 2016
Easy, my wife asked me what kind of wedding cake I wanted. When I said "caramel cake" and she had never heard of it, I figured I didn't have a chance. She surprised me with a 7 layer caramel cake from Caroline's Cakes. We eat one every year now. Best cake ever.
Oliver T. April 19, 2016
It was a the Creamy Tres Leches cake my husband and I had on our Wedding Day!
Starrpower April 19, 2016
A rich white chocolate three tier cake with a vanilla bean filling and white ganache frosting served with fresh strawberries tops my list because of the pristine appearance, simple delicious taste, without being sugary. I will probably dream about this cake now.....
Diana April 19, 2016
It was a three layer coconut cake with meringue frosting that a friend made for my birthday. Dense yet fluffy, moist, perfect balance between the cake and frosting. Can one love a cake as much as a person? Um, YES!
mwells April 19, 2016
The best cake ever is my mom's recipe for chocolate cake with butter filling/icing. unusual and decadent.