Not Sad Desk Lunch

9 Lunches That Don't Break the Bank

April 26, 2016

A weekday lunch is a meal with a purpose, one that ideally provides the maximum number of healthy(ish) calories in the shortest amount of time possible without delivering crumbs to your computer or soup down your shirt. But it can also provide another service to you—and to your wallet.

While it makes sense to splurge on dinner—It's a reward for finishing the end of the day! It's meant to be luxuriated over!—lunch is an opportunity to save money. Sure, you can spring for the $14 salad if that's your thing, but on days when your bank account is tighter than usual, consider making one of these lunches and tucking away that salad money for a special occasion (like dinner tonight!). Here are 9 packable, simple lunches that don't break the bank:

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