Our Definitive Pancake Guide

May 13, 2016

I don't know where the whole "breakfast in bed on Mother's Day" thing came from—the idea that All Moms Everywhere want nothing more on their designated day than to be served a trayful of pancakes and coffee when they wake up. Not, to be clear, that this is a bad idea: Breakfast is bed is always a good idea. And coffee in bed is a must.

Whether or not breakfast in bed is the order of the (Mother's) day, pancakes—tender and golden and adaptable to your (or your mom's) preferences—should be. Stock up on maple syrup and dive into our definitive pancake guide:

For moms who always encourage you to keep reaching:

For those more savory than sweet:

If she's going to want to celebrate her day with a hike:

For mamas with a flair for the dramatic:

If her pantry is full of things like horn salt and kefir:

If "breakfast in bed" is actually "breakfast for dinner":

Or "breakfast for dessert":

For moms who like chunks in their ice cream:

If peanut butter is more a way of life than a preference:

For mothers who always order extra breakfast sausage at the diner:

For those convinced that oldies are always goodies:

For moms who LOVE coconut (and tropical vacations):

For moms who always tell you to stop fussing:

For moms who prefer waffles to pancakes:

For moms who are always chasing the best thing:

The ideal breakfast in bed: Go! (In the comments.)

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AntoniaJames May 13, 2016
One cannot discern from the titles whether any of these use sourdough starter. Lest that most handy cheat code be overlooked -- and using unfed starter also provides the perfect solution to otherwise discarded starter from "feedings" -- may I respectfully recommend my variation on Sam Sifton's version published in the Times a few weeks ago? ;o)