All of the Selfies Andrew Zimmern Took at the James Beard Awards

May  3, 2016

There were some beautiful moments at last night’s restaurant James Beard Awards. Chiefly: Carla Hall’s hair, learning that Christina Tosi broke baking ground with an Easy-Bake oven (stars: they’re just like us!), and that the first three consecutive awards given were to extremely well-deserving, influential women. (For the full rundown, head here.)

Look at that room! Image courtesy of the James Beard Foundation.

There were also some other moments, brought to us by Andrew Zimmern. 14 moments.

For those of you who don’t know (and love) our most recent final Piglet judge, Andrew is an award-winning chef, TV personality, host of Bizarre Foods—and he takes selfies with other people/chefs/TV personalities/hosts with reckless abandon. So fast that it’s hard to keep track! So fast that Andrew is like a Maserati on social media, and the rest of us got stuck with our great-uncle's hand-me-down Ford Taurus wagon.

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So you don’t have to go back and count, we have done you the service of collecting all of the selfies Andrew Zimmern took last night, in chronological order. Welcome to Page 6, according to Andrew:

Leah Chase. Legend of all legends. #JBFA @beardfoundation

A photo posted by Andrew Zimmern (@chefaz) on

Paul Berglund @bachelorfarmer best chef award Midwest. Count happen to a nicer guy

A photo posted by Andrew Zimmern (@chefaz) on

The only person who I can guarantee went to all 24 parties last night. @danielboulud #jbfa

A photo posted by Andrew Zimmern (@chefaz) on

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