Finally: Easy-Removal Ice Cube Trays That Really Are!

May 14, 2016

The promise of anything "easy" always makes me suspicious (I picture myself pushing that big red Staples easy button, and then a piano falling on me Wile E. Coyote-style from the sky). But when we used our new ice cube trays from W&P Design on a recent photoshoot, that's the word that came to mind when I popped out a cube: Whoa. That was easy!

As you can see above, the trays work like any other silicone ice cube tray while you're filling them: They just sit there looking modern and unusually pleasant in color while you drizzle in water or pesto, or seltzer, or whatever else you like to freeze in cubes.

Then the magic. The addition of a stainless steel frame that runs along the top of the tray means that picking them up and transferring them is the opposite of a wobbly affair—they don't slosh or spill, as reliable as a more rigid variety would be when walking them while still liquid to the freezer.

And because that top frame gives you something to press against, popping out the cubes is actually easy (rather than tug and twist and oops-i-popped-out-every-cube "easy" as happens to me when trying to make a drink typically). The addition of a lid is the bonus: No more freezer smell in your ice cubes!

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“For expensive ice cube trays, the measurement equivalents should be readily available. The sizes listed do not indicate how much liquid the cubes hold. ”
— barbara

Cocktails that taste like cocktails, water that tastes like water, ice that comes out of its tray without any fuss at all... EASY!

What's your favorite size and shape and solidness of ice? (Mine's soft and pellet-y.) Share in the comments!

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barbara May 14, 2016

No Juanita, the descriptions only gives square inch size.
Juanita P. May 14, 2016
Perhaps the 1.25 and 2.25 in the size refer to oz. also???
barbara May 14, 2016
And the 1.25" cubes = ? teaspoons? Tablespoons? The 2.25" = ? teaspoons?
Tablespoons? 1/4 cup? For expensive ice cube trays, the measurement equivalents should be readily available. The sizes listed do not indicate how much liquid the cubes hold.
Barb B. May 14, 2016
This would be great for seniors with strength problems in their hands. The only problem I see is the price, most of them wouldn't buy it for that reason alone. Being on a fixed income and all...
barbara May 14, 2016
What is the amount of liquid held in each cube? If these are used for forming frozen pesto. bone broth or "whatever" cubes, this would be an important measurement. Are there different sizes available?
BrooklynBridget May 14, 2016
Good morning Barbara! You can get the "king size" of (4) 2.25 cubes or (12) 1.25 cubes or a variety pack.
Amanda S. May 15, 2016
I'm looking into volume measurements for you, Barbara!
Olivia B. May 16, 2016
HI Barbara!

The volume of each cube in the Everyday ice tray is approximately 1.5 ounces. The volume of each cube in the King Cube ice tray is approximately 6 ounces.

Thanks for your interest!