10 Ideas for Cooking with Breadcrumbs from Our Community Members

May 18, 2016

We're partnering with our friends at Progresso to bring you our latest #f52grams and a pasta night-appropriate prize pack for the winner.

Secret pantry weapon that they are, breadcrumbs add crunch—or tenderness, or flavor—to nearly anything, sweet or savory. And when we asked you to share your best ideas for using them (and other bready odds and ends) on Instagram, you dove right in. Here are a few of our favorite of your ideas:

A big congrats to our winner, who gave cod a crust with an Indian-inspired gremolata of curried breadcrumbs, parsley, coriander-toasted cashews, garlic, and Meyer lemon zest.

A salad gets a crunchy boost from a shower of sourdough breadcrumbs.

Asparagus season means they need no embellishment at all—but breadcrumbs makes a plate of it sing.

It's asparagus season!! ✅🍴 #ALocalChoice #asparagus #farmersmarketfinds #ProgressoEats

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Float a handful of fennel-cumin-coriander-turmeric croutons in a bowl of cauliflower soup (made from tandoori-style cauliflower), call it a win.

Lots of anchovies, lots of red pepper flakes, lots of garlic, and lots of breadcrumbs make a plain bowl of pasta not so plain at all.

If stale bread has a better use than in bread pudding, it's in bread pudding shot through with strawberries.

Garlicky breadcrumbs, lemon juice galore, and grilled baby broccoli—the simplest side (and a good excuse, if you need one, to fire up the grill).

grilled baby broccoli, lemon, garlic breadcrumbs

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Fry an egg directly onto a pile of buttery breadcrumbs. Boom. That's it.

A little sugar, spice, and butter turn breadcrumbs into a crumbly pie topper.

Roast an eggplant, mix it with stale bread, roll in breadcrumbs, and you're only a pan-fry away from vegetarian meatballs.

How do you cook with breadcrumbs? Share your best ideas with us in the comments.

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