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  • America's a nation of picky eaters—but what's more, the endless opportunities to customize our food reflect our obsession with identity. [The Atlantic]
  • The Nobel Prize-winning scientist Elie Metchnikoff believed "Aging is a disease that should be treated like any other." His prescription: yogurt. (At last! Someone who loves yogurt as much as we do.) [Nautilus]
  • The U.S. saw a major recession between 2007 and 2009—but "foodie" culture only continued to grow. Why? [Eater]
  • Is organic agriculture better for the environment? (And what reasons go into our decisions, as consumers, to buy organic?) [The Washington Post]
  • A chef-doctor who's built a practice around the "let food by thy medicine" philosophy, and med schools that are taking up the banner. [Bloomberg]

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