10 Ways to Sandwich Your Burger

June  4, 2016

Warm weather has arrived, grilling season is finally in full force​, and you're ready to flip burgers all summer long. But, whether you’re planning on serving more traditional burgers or veggie burgers, the fillings are only half of the battle—you also need to decide on the bun (or non-bun as the case may be). Here are some of our favorite options:

These potato buns are sure to become your go-to option—they're light, fluffy, and buttery.

For a slight tweak on the classic, add cheese inside your buns, or, make banh mi burgers.

Make sliders and sandwich them with squishy rolls, White Castle-style.

Try English​ muffins for burgers too small for regular buns, but too large to be sliders. Or, tuck thin patties (like Ultra-Smashed Cheeseburgers) into a warm pita.

Making burgers for a seriously large crowd? Consider using focaccia​ or ciabatta bread. Slice the bread into a burger-sized squares, and then slice them in half horizontally.

Yes, lettuce-wrapped burgers. (P.S.A.: Only attempt this option if you're sure of how your guests will react.)

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Tell us: How do you like to sandwich your burgers?

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Smaug June 4, 2016
For some reason, though I'm generally no fond of either whole wheat bread or commercial sandwich bread, I've found I like whole wheat buns the best- Orowheat by preference, but Safeway's "Open Nature" and the Trader Joe brand are quite good, too. Before discovering that preference, I usually made them on English Muffins.