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June 25, 2016

We're switching up our regular Link Love coverage this week to introduce you to a blogger whose recipes made us hungry.

Meet Taylor Riggs, the blogger behind Simply Taylor. Taylor is a registered dietitian whose (often paleo) recipes feature produce at its best—regularly paired with Taylor's most essential ingredient, almond butter. Fresh off the presses with her first cookbook, we asked her to tell us more about what inspires her blogging (and the Kitchen Sink Breakfast Skillet that caught our eye this week):

Photo by Taylor Riggs

I started blogging during my second year of college... I would blog about [...] what I ate, and take awful pictures of all of my meals—ha! It slowly turned into a recipe blog, and is now a place where I share recipes that focus on real, whole foods and balance!

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I wish I could say I was more of a planner when it comes to deciding what to make next for the blog post, but I'm totally more of the "fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants" type. I get inspiration from so many different places... If I see something in a magazine or on Instagram that I want to put a spin on, I start thinking about how I could make it healthier or how I could switch things up. I also tend to create recipes based on what kinds of foods I have leftover from the week's grocery haul. I hate wasting food, so sometimes the over-ripe bananas that are heading toward the trash can end up in a muffin or bread recipe!

Photo by Taylor Riggs

I had a savory breakfast skillet while I was out for brunch in Columbus a few weeks ago, and it totally rocked my world. I decided to make my own version and this was the end result: a super easy, one-pan breakfast that looks and tastes like a million bucks. It's not super fancy or time-consuming. You can use whatever you have on hand, and sometimes the meals that come from that can really surprise you! I just gathered all of the vegetable scraps I had, threw them into the skillet, and topped them off with a few eggs over-easy. With all of the vegetables, the creamy goat cheese, and the dippy eggs, you get a little bit of everything with each bite.

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Taylor's blog is Simply Taylor. What food blogs did you love this week?

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