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June 18, 2016

A skewed list of the world's best restaurants, what makes wedding toasts great, and more we read and loved this week.

Around the web:

  • Local food is a good idea—by many accounts and figures, a really good idea. But is always it a good idea, or "safer," as it's often purported to be? (Maybe not.) [Harvard Business Review]
  • Our food revolution is a well-intentioned and important one, but one that's been heavily capitalized upon and, says Heather Havrilesky, snake-oiled: "Food is not everything." [The Baffler]
  • Farmers have been modifying food for thousands of years! So what's the big deal about GMOs? A helpful guide. [Quartz]
  • We didn't know we wanted a history of revolving restaurants—but it turns out we really, really did. [Lucky Peach]
  • Hey! Editors of the World's 50 Best Restaurants list! Where are all of your women, your non-European restaurants and chefs, your accessibly-priced restaurants? (Ahem, not on this year's list. Nor on last year's. Nor the year before's.) [Eater]

Some of this week's favorites on Food52:

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