Meet the Community Members with the Most Contest Wins (Our Contest All-Stars)

June 23, 2016

One of the best parts about Food52 contests—aside from getting inspired in a million directions, learning new techniques and tips, encountering new-to-us ingredients, and adding new recipes to our own recipe rotations—is getting to know the community members behind the great recipes they submit. There are community members who submit to nearly every contest, who are constantly developing new recipes that we want to try; and there are fresh names every contest, too, community members who are either new to our contests or new to Food52 entirely.

Today, we want to give a shout-out to some of our contest superheroes—the community members whose recipes have won the most contests. Their recipes are ones we've come to get giddy about, and we hope you'll find something new in their recipe collections!

Meet the 5 most frequent contest winners (and their winning recipes):






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Lazyretirementgirl August 8, 2016
Porcini and Rosemary crusted tenderloin -- hello, Christmas dinner. The best ever. Now I must try Tastefood's sweet potato fries.
drbabs June 24, 2016
Love to you all!
lastnightsdinner June 24, 2016
Wow, thank you! I am in excellent company :)
fiveandspice June 24, 2016
The. best. :)
healthierkitchen June 24, 2016
oh, and emilyc's bagna cauda toasts are off the charts!!
healthierkitchen June 24, 2016
Hurray to some of my favs on the site! I'd throw drabs and AntoniaJames in the ring here too!
Cristina S. June 23, 2016
Yay, Suzanne!--that whipped ganache is next on my list. Congrats (and thanks) to everyone on list--this is a mighty fine selection of recipes.