These Are Not Your Average Belgian Waffles

August  3, 2016

If you think a waffle is only supposed to be sweet, well—try waffling zucchini or socca. But even before you do that, make these Ras El Hanout Pistachio Belgian Waffles from The Weiser Kitchen. They are a still a bit sweet—you drizzle them with a sweet and tangy pomegranate-honey syrup—but the ras el hanout serves as a surprise savory plot twist (and, with the help of chopped pistachios and a hit of orange zest, makes the waffles independently flavorful, so you can leave the syrup off if you like).

Beyond being well-spiced, the waffles, like all great waffles should be, are airy on the inside and crispy on the outside: By separating the eggs—whipping the whites into soft peaks and folding them into a yolk-browned butter mixture—you form a light batter for an extra-fluffy waffle. It's a step that takes a little more time, but is totally worth it. Now... Invite us for brunch?

How else have you experimented with waffles? Share your most unusual ones (and your success stories!) in the comments.

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