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Breadfruit, Brexit & More of the Best Things We Read This Week

July  2, 2016

Breadfruit, lobsters, and more of the best things we read this week.

  • It's hard to say what the effects of Brexit will be—but it's almost certainly going to impact British (and European, in general) food. (For example, now anyone will be able to sell "Scotch whisky"—not just the Scots.) [The Food Rush]
  • As it turns out, there's truly a black market for everything, including many thousands of pounds of fancy cheese. [Eater]
  • Food trends: Why? Why do we care what the new kale is? (And whom do these trends affect—positively and negatively?) [Epicurious]
  • Good luck with your Adam and Eve on a raft. Diner slang is dead. [Extra Crispy]
  • There's well over a hundred varieties of breadfruit, it's hugely nutritious, easy to grow, and it actually tastes good, too. Could it be the answer to world hunger? (Maybe. But we have to talk about its history first.) [Saveur]

What are the best things you read this week? Share them in the comments.

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