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The Herb Your Mint Chip Ice Cream is Missing

July 14, 2016

Mint chip ice cream is a people-pleaser: It's a kid-friendly flavor, but one that adults like as well. And yes, I'm speaking from experience, it's been a personal favorite of mine since childhood—or at least late childhood, post-Superman stage.

Fellow fans of mint chip ice cream know that, as is often the case, the homemade version easily trumps almost any store-bought carton. What the homemade version lacks in color, it more than makes up for with vibrant flavor—pale packs a punch! For an even more sophisticated take on the classic, try adding basil in, too. The addition is subtle, the basil provides just enough of a unique twist to keep you coming back for more, not questioning why you doubled-down on ​herbs.

Mint chip ice cream, with an extra-herbal update:

Is there an ingredient or a dish you find yourself making the same way every time? Tell us in the comments and we might feature it next time with an idea for changing it up!


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PutAnEggOnIt July 18, 2016
Or what about using "basil-mint", a variety of mint with a fairly intense, more herbaceous, and slightly less, well minty flavor. It's one of my favorites.