Summer Camp Week!

It's Summer Camp Week on Food52!

July 25, 2016
Can you spot our smiling co-founder Amanda, camper at Pocono Invitational Basketball Camp?

Being a grown-up is a drag, primarily because most of us don't have summer vacation—which means we can't go to camp!!

To fill our void, and have a little fun, we're taking this whole website to summer camp.

All this week on Food52, you can expect:

  • It's-Its, Choco Tacos, Lunchables, and something called Mookies
  • So many s'mores (even for vegans and gluten-freers and people who are "so over" s'mores)
  • Boozy bug juice
  • Romance
  • Heartbreak
  • Swim class
  • Card games
  • International summer camp traditions
  • Playtime on Facebook Live
  • Art hour every day at noon (when it's too hot to run around)
  • Bedtime snacks every single night

And, of course, a lot of warm fuzzies, nostalgia, and definitely more embarrassing photos.

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To keep up with all the good times, at the end of each Summer Camp Week post, you'll find an illustration of a campsite (we call the canoe!): Just click on it to see more articles. And keep checking back, since we'll be adding them throughout the week!

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Christina D. July 25, 2016
Oh what fun--I will be checking this out all week!!! I would love to go to a summer camp (even as an adult). Never did as a kid because my family did not have much money but as a junior in high school I was able to be a camp counselor for a week up in the L.A. mountains. I don't think I did such a great job as I was too busy making crafts and sharing the experiences with the wee ones rather hen helping :-)
Christina D. July 25, 2016
rather "then" helping :-)