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Meet the Team That Makes All Your Shopping Dreams Come True

August  6, 2016

Our Customer Care team’s job is to make miracles happen: to hustle a shipment to its destination, to find a missing shipment in the wide world of anywhere in this country, to answer questions about why-how-why-not a product works how it does. They know our products inside and out, but they’re not above picking favorites.

Read on to find out our customer care team’s online shopping tips, plus the pieces you should buy them if they make your shopping dream come true:

Rebecca Salisbury is the boss lady of the team.

And she looks it, right? Photo by James Ransom
  • Favorite product in the Shop: probably the most difficult question for me to answer at the moment as I'm pretty much obsessed with everything in the Shop (not exaggerating). I'm probably the only Culinary grad with a shitty collection of knives and I've been adoring the Red-Handled Italian Kitchen Knives by MATCH. Not only are they beautifully hand-crafted and Italian, but those magnetic cases? C'mon!!!
  • Favorite recipe to come out of the Food52 Test Kitchen: Hands down, Josh's Farro Salad with Onion Confit, Persimmon, and Arugula. I could eat that for days.
  • Question you get asked most often fielding care questions: Do you ship to Canada? (Answer: Our team is working to implement this in the very near future! Since we ship directly from artisans, designers, and small shops all over the country, it's surprisingly complicated to ship internationally—but plans are in the works!)
  • Favorite place in N.Y.C: Agh! I'm planning my birthday get-together so the first that comes to mind is St. Mazie in Brooklyn where I'm hosting my soiree. Wait, does Brooklyn count?!
  • Most likely to be found on a Saturday morning in N.Y.C doing ___: N/A! I live in Jersey City ;) but I'm usually convincing my boyfriend to drive me to some plant store in the middle of nowhere after an absolutely mediocre breakfast at a diner.
  • Best online shopping tip: Ask questions! If you don't see something, say something! Really! Any good online retailer should have associates ready to field questions. Online buying can be tricky, especially if there is no physical store to check out the product before purchasing.
  • Pick on: vintage or brand new: Though I love the eclectic vintage silverware collection, I'd go new!!

Melissa Langer is a customer care associate.

  • Favorite place in N.Y.C.: Waterfront at Bushwick Inlet Park
  • Most likely to be found on a Saturday morning in N.Y.C. doing ___: Searching for new ways/places to find/make/eat eggs.
  • Best online shopping tip: Pay attention to shipping lead times.
  • Pick on: vintage or brand new: Vintage.

Laura Beam is a customer care associate.

  • Favorite place in N.Y.C.: Fort Tryan Park Trust (a secret gem), the High Line, the amazing restaurants and coffee shops
  • Most likely to be found on a Saturday morning in N.Y.C. doing ___: In this order: Coffee, farmers market, walking my dog, BRUNCH
  • Best online shopping tip: Look at the measurements, and make sure the item will actually work for you! :)
  • Pick on: vintage or brand new: A combo of both, or new replicas of vintage items. :)

Natalia Panzer is a customer care associate.

  • Favorite product in the Shop: Soft Linen & Cotton Colorblock Towels
  • Favorite recipe to come out of the Food52 Test Kitchen: A roasted delicata squash with a spicy yogurt dressing and pomegranate seeds made by our test kitchen chef Josh.
  • Question you get asked most often fielding care questions: Do you ship internationally?
  • Other sites where you shop: I typically just buy objects my friends make.
  • Favorite place in N.Y.C: Sunset Park
  • Most likely to be found on a Saturday morning in N.Y.C: sitting in Sunset Park drinking coffee
  • Best online shopping tip: if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write to their help desk.
  • Pick on: vintage or brand new: Vintage

What about you: Do you prefer vintage or new?

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Rebecca S. August 6, 2016
Though, looking back I wish I also said that my Saturday nights include being the old person hanging in back of shows trying not to yawn and "look cool".
Judievan August 6, 2016
Love seeing the faces behind everything,makes it come alive. I look forward to the new articles, recipes & products. Thanks for being honest about the knives, my 2 CIA grads. Love to make fun of my crappy knives!
Allison C. August 4, 2016
Rebecca, if you're in Jersey City and you've only had mediocre diner food, then the Brownstone down the street from St Peter's Prep is calling your name with their delicious pancakes. :-)
Alexandra G. August 3, 2016
Oh Rebecca, I feel your pain! Everytime I go to spring for a really nice chef's knife I think of all the other things I need..er..want at the moment. I was using a single $20 santoku knife for years, and I finally upgraded to an actual set. Also, a mixture of both vintage and new. :)
Rebecca S. August 3, 2016
Alexandra one day, we'll both treat ourselves to the knives we know we deserve. Until then the dull knife I bought myself (at home goods) will have to last me.
cookinginvictoria August 3, 2016
Love hearing that you will soon be shipping to Canada! Can't wait.