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You're 5 Ingredients Away From These 30 Dinners

August 15, 2016

Avocado toast for dinner again? A fried egg? Those are great options—we make them all the time, too—but there are other ideas out there for when you, you know, get bored. When you can't stand to look a yolk in the eye (for a day or two, anyway), look here instead of at takeout menus.

These 30 dishes come together in just a few more ingredients than one egg: Five (count 'em, five!), not including salt, pepper, or water.



Fish & Seafood

More: 15 shrimp dinners ready in under 45 minutes.

Other Meat

And the Others!

Tell us: What are your bare-fridge, back-pocket dinners?

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Jennifer D. August 22, 2016
Bea Conner's Lightly Baked Scallops are a favorite of mine (http://www.saveur.com/article/Recipes/Bea-Conners-Lightly-Baked-Scallops). I buy bay scallops pretty regularly and pre-portion them into snack bags, and then put the bunch in a freezer bag for this recipe. I always have parm, cream, wine and garlic on hand and use whatever crackers or breadcrumbs happen to be in the kitchen. It's great gussied up with any fresh parsley you want to use up as well.