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13 Speedy Breakfasts for Cold, Sleepy Mornings

December 20, 2017

When my alarm goes off at 6:30 am (ok, ok, 7 o’clock), I usually end up burrowing under my toasty covers, calculating the exact number of minutes I can get away with staying in bed. It's just so hard to drag myself out of bed: there’s no sun to pry my eyes open, and even thick socks are no match for my freezing floor. But! I am a breakfast person. I need creamy oatmeal, granola-topped yogurt, or some type of eggs to start my day right. Skipping it isn’t an option.

To strike a balance between my urge to stay under the covers and my need for breakfast, I have a special way to start my day in the winter: I turn to speedy toasts, pre-made baked goods, and sheet pan standbys. Here are 13 of my favorite make-ahead bites and almost-instantaneous meals to power me through dark, cold mornings—I hope they help you do the same:

The Make-Aheads

The (Nearly) Instant Crowd

Share your go-to breakfasts for chilly, I-can't-get-up mornings below!

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BerryBaby December 21, 2017
Toast a muffin, one slice pepoer jack cheese, sliced tomatoes, salt/ pepper.
CFrance December 31, 2017
Great idea. Doing that!