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Poison Gardens, West Africa's Favorite Rice Dish & More Stories to Bookmark

August 24, 2016

Favorites from This Week (So Far) on Food52:

  • Jollof rice is so beloved in West Africa that it has its own holiday. (And if that's not reason enough to make it, well...)
  • It's Tomato Week here on Food52! So, of course, we had to mess with the perfect tomato sandwich.
  • Would Italian food as we know it be the same without tomatoes? No way. Meet 10 of Italy's most iconic tomato dishes, illustrated.
  • Your vanilla ice cream wants to be vanilla-sour cream ice cream. Or vanilla-buttermilk. Or vanilla-crème fraîche. Here's how to make its dreams come true.
  • You don't need a giant piece of work—or a gallery-style setup—to fill a big blank wall. Little accents can make big statements, too.

What We're Reading Around the Web:

  • Perhaps the dairy industry's answer to the bloody yet vegan Impossible Burger, "animal-free milk" is poised to hit markets in 2017. Will consumers go for it? [FoodNavigator-USA]
  • Where the Democratic and Republican parties stand on food policies—like SNAP, GMOs, and environmental issues—laid out tidily. [The New Food Economy]
  • The Duchess of Northumberland could have planted an herb garden—but she planted a poisonous garden, where all of the plants are lethal, instead. [Great Big Story]
  • Where, oh where, did tiny beer bottles come from? (Psst—they're called "pony bottles"!) [PUNCH]
  • What it's like to be a woman and a restaurant owner in South Sudan's largest refugee settlement. [Eater]

What are you reading right now? Tell us about it—and share a link if it has one—in the comments below.

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