12 Mains & Sides That Can All Cook Happily Together at 400°F

December  7, 2016

The oven is winter's grill—plop a few things in, shut the door, hum for a little while, dinner! And you can stuff tons of different dishes in there on days that are not Thanksgiving. So load up your baking sheets, grease your casserole dish: a two-dish dinner is an oven ride away.

Here are 6 meals that can be made at the same time in the oven. Mix and match as you wish!

What's your go-to sheet pan dinner? Tell us in the comments!

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    John Brady
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bookjunky December 10, 2016
Great idea, though you could definitely only get 4 in my oven tops. I'd be happy to eat any or all of these, though!
Lazyretirementgirl December 7, 2016
Great concept, Ali. Thanks!
John B. December 7, 2016
This reminded me of M. F. K. Fisher's "How to Cook a Wolf", about feeding oneself on a very low budget. It seems that apartment ovens used to be metered: you literally had to feed coins into a coin slot to turn on the gas for a fixed period of time. So the strategy was to pack the oven with as many dishes as possible to get maximum use out of the cash.