Baking for a Cause

March 15, 2011

Like Mother, Like Daughter! Victoria with Her Mother  Heart-shaped Cookies To Be Sold 

We're calling all food52ers to put their cooking chops toward an important cause!

Inspired by a similar event in Wellington, New Zealand, food52 recipe tester Victoria Ross (above, with her mum) and friends in Auckland rallied their collective pastry power to produce The Great Kiwi Bake-Off, which raised $16,420 for clean-up in the Christchurch earthquake!

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Thanks to word of mouth and the power of Facebook, Aucklander Glenn Browne orchestrated this epic bakesale, in which a local train was used to transport the goods from home bakers to buyers. "We had everything from people putting in $1 for a huge plate of treats to a guy who bought a tiny little cake and threw in $100," Victoria reported back to food52 headquarters. They even auctioned off a wedding cake for the cause.

So the age old truth still stands: nothing brings solace and comfort to a community like homemade treats. In the aftermath of recent international crises, why not take to the kitchen? Check out Berkeley bakesaler Samin Nosrat's project for Japanese relief: a Bakesale for Japan is happening on Saturday, April 2nd, in three locations across the San Francisco Bay Area. Come one, come all, bearing oatmeal raisin cookies to mochi -- contact [email protected] for further details or, in true food52 spirit, throw your own bake-off!


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manusmenu March 16, 2011
Who would be on board to organise one in Sydney - Australia???
Heena March 16, 2011
I'm inspired! I've started a Toronto Bakes for Japan event. So any Toronto food lovers out there - jump in, or just spread the word.
Angela @. March 15, 2011
Great idea. I am in. I have sent a Facebook message regarding possible Peninsula locations. Hope to hear something soon.
hardlikearmour March 15, 2011
Wow! This is awesome and inspiring. Good on you!
lapadia March 15, 2011
Hooray...Victoria Ross & Friends!
Sagegreen March 15, 2011
Very cool! What a great project.
Sagegreen March 15, 2011
So I can offer up a series of post cards that I can make for this occasion. For an aids benefit this winter in NYC one for the Postcards from the Edge exhibit that I made included origami patches as a quilt. Some new ones could be created and mailed to the benefit in CA more easily than food.
Sagegreen March 15, 2011
Each postcard in the show sold for $85 as a visual benefit for aids.
hardlikearmour March 15, 2011
OH! I'd love to see your postcards! Do you have a link??
Sodium G. March 15, 2011
I'm so on! Been trying to think of a creative way to help and wouldn't you know, it is right here on Food52!
aargersi March 15, 2011
Very cool - with all of the bloggers here at Food52 we should be able to help out!
eatthelove March 15, 2011
For those who aren't in the San Francisco Bay Area (or are and want to do more) food blogger The Tomato Tart is hosting a virtual bake sale. You can check out her blog entry about it at or you can email her directly at bakesale {at} thetomatotart {dot} com. I'll be donating to the virtual bake sale and will be at the San Francisco bake sale as well. Hope to see some of you there.