11 Cookies to (Carefully) Dunk into Tea

December  2, 2016

In select corners of the world, dipping your precious little biscuit in tea is seen as gauche social behavior. I don't know why this is, but I wish it weren't this way. Having cookies with tea, and occasionally dunking those little monsters into your sweltering cup, is objectively good and correct.

It's also a delicate art—you've got to dip your cookie into tea just long enough for it to soak up some liquid, but pull it out before a part of it breaks off and dissolves into your cup, in which case you'll be resorted to spooning the cookie's remnants out of your tea. Pesky! All things to keep in mind as you make the following:

Have a cookie you love eating with—or dipping in—your tea? Let us know!



lindseycocolove December 4, 2016
I love earl grey and orange zest shortbread paired with caramel black tea. divine!
Jusika December 2, 2016
oooh, biscuit dunking is an art imo! :P why did it not strike me that i could make some cookies of my own to practice this art to perfection?! going to try some of these out to figure out which one suits my taste best. as of now, my favorite tea dunking cookies seem to be the wheat-based rusk, and some variations of french butter cookies!