Our Latest Contest: Your Best Weeknight Roast


Our Latest Contest: Your Best Weeknight Roast

November  7, 2016

We partnered up with our friends at If You Care for our latest contest—Your Best Weeknight Roast.

There are dishes that are fun to labor over—those that require you add a 1/4 teaspoon of this and a 1/4 teaspoon of that while continuously stirring for an hour. This is all well and good, but not exactly what we want to do on a Monday night. We'd much rather truss or bag up a chicken (or not!) and toss it in the oven along with a vegetable of some sort (carrots! potatoes! broccoli!) to get all crispy, crackly, and caramelized.

So we want to know, for our latest contest, what's your favorite weeknight roast? Be it meat, vegetables, fish, fruit, really anything—as long as it goes in the oven and makes your night just that much easier.

Dinner is roasted. Photo by Mark Weinberg

Share your best weeknight roast recipe by entering them in our latest contest! Head to the contest page to enter them. One lucky winner will receive $100 to our Shop.

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We partnered with our friends at If You Care for our latest contest—Your Best Weeknight Roast—because their roasting bags are A+ when you want a no-mess, no-clean-up kind of night. Check them out here.

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