The Slow-Roasted Pork Shoulder Tacos Deserve

November 11, 2016

A big congratulations to inpatsktichen, whose Pernil was voted the winner of our Your Best Recipe for Now and Later contest!

Besides being an avid lover of roast chicken and someone who could never turn down an apple dumpling or a piece of apple pie, here's a little more about our winner—who's an old pro at our contests—and her recipe:

WHO: inpatskitchen has won a whopping 6 contests with 69 Community Picks!

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WHAT: Slow-roasted pork shoulder that’s as good on its own as it is in tacos.

HOW: Rub a large pork shoulder with a heady garlicky and herb mixture and let it marinate up to 24 hours. Roast for 3 hours until the meat is juicy and the skin is crisp. That’s it!

WHY WE LOVE IT: The brightly-flavored marinade takes this roast from good, to something you want to eat all week long in tortillas, sandwiches, and even in stew.

Now, make Pernil! And tell us how you like it.

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