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How to Turn a Branch into a Twinkly Chandelier for New Year's Eve

December 29, 2016

Last spring, our Art Director Alexis Anthony wound string lights (our copper-wired, LED ones) all around a big, beautiful branch to suspend above a wedding-themed tabletop—so we asked her to share how to pull it off for a big-impact New Year's Eve decoration.

First, choose a beautiful branch.

At the base of the branch, attach the battery pack for the lights by "tying" it to the branch with a piece of floral wire. Thinking about the way you will display your branch, try to select a side of the branch that won’t be very visible and attach the battery pack there. Begin to wind the lights around the base of the branch, close together for a brighter effect or farther apart for a more subtle glow.

Photo by Bobbi Lin

Wind the lights up the base of the branch towards one tip of a twig, and at the end of this twig arch the strand across to the next twig in the branch. At the next twig, start to wind the lights down the twig towards the base. Once you reach the base again, arch the lights up towards the next twig and repeat until all of the twigs are covered.

As you reach the end of a light strand, plan your winding accordingly so that you can attach your next battery pack in an inconspicuous place. Hang your branch from the ceiling like a chandelier, stand it up in a tall vase, or just lean it against the wall and enjoy!

And if you're without string lights, just spray paint the branch gold. How else do you turn everyday objects into decorations? Tell us in the comments.

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