Have You Ever Sliced a Steak Like This?

January  9, 2017

Over the weekend, this video of Istanbul-based restauranteur and chef Nusret Gökçe stripping and slicing what he terms an “Ottoman Steak” into fine pieces went viral. It’s a quietly sensuous video, if I’m being frank. There’s been particular fixation on its last few salt-finessing seconds, in which Gökçe sprinkles salt down his elbow, making a farce out of the way the rest of us laypersons prep our steaks.

Ottoman steak 🔪

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The video was all over the public square known as my Twitter feed this weekend. Between five-minute breaks, I’d open Twitter at different points of the day over Saturday or Sunday. Without fail, this video or a screengrab from it would be one of the most recent tweets.

There seemed to be some gentle disagreement over what was more erotic about the video, though: the man or the meat itself? Some may argue it’s the confluence of the two elements that gives this 36-second long video its charge, which, yes, I understand. But that’s not what we’re here for today.

I’m bracing myself for a flood of content that focuses on the element of his appearance, staring, mouth agape, at this man’s large arms and Gaston-like bun. It’s already begun. Serial offender Daily Mail has focused on Gökçe's becoming looks. “After Twitter users found his Instagram, it appears Gökçe is a traditional family man,” a writer from Elite Daily scribed. “No one seems to be surprised he has nine children, as he seems to be extremely charming.” Ah, yes, that’s right—a man’s charm, as dictated by his Instagram presence, often correlates to the size of his progeny.

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I don’t really care about this dude’s apparent hunkiness. Honestly, I’m more concerned with the subtle eroticism of the meat. Look at it. Sitting on a slab of wood, red and ready. Sprinkled with a dust of magic. It’s pretty over there. Gökçe may be married with nine kids, but the meat, I hear, is single.

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“I usually slice the meat in the kitchen before presentation, but i can do it at the table.”
— Barney S.

Did you see this video making the rounds? Do you find it as carnal as everyone else? Let us know in the comments.

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Elizabeth D. February 18, 2018
The Tomahawk steak looks delicious and perfectly cooked, but the presentation (and dude) isn't my cup of tea. Repeatedly tapping the knife blade on the chopping board seems unnecessary but to each their own.
Rhonda35 February 22, 2017
Mayukh, as you are well-aware, his salt application method is all over the internet - mimicked by professional athletes, etc. I'd never heard of Gokce until I did a search to find out why "everyone" was using that weird gesturing! My question is: what is up with tapping the knife on the board so much?? Lastly, I find the steak more appealing than the "charm." :-)
Wilton J. January 13, 2017
Does anybody know what kind of knife he's using?
Frederik W. January 15, 2017
German Butchers Knives
Frederik W. January 15, 2017
here is the exact model
Steven W. January 10, 2017
It is completely unnecessary to keep whacking the blade on the cutting board, too! However, saying that, I have never evenseen a steak like that except on the old Food Network Iron Kitchen Battle shows...Texas rib eye, I think they are called. The salt thing? Meh.
Elizabeth D. February 18, 2018
Hi Steven,
It's called a tomahawk rib eye which is basically, a bone-in Rib Eye (or Delmonico) steak.
Barney S. January 9, 2017
The steak looks well prepared, but the show does nothing for me. If it is that exciting, I will have to do it that way next time i entertain house guests. I usually slice the meat in the kitchen before presentation, but i can do it at the table.
shahnnen E. January 9, 2017
um, also this made me lolz:
Amy P. January 10, 2017
Amanda S. January 9, 2017
Can't stop watching this video. I want to know what kind of saber-knife he's using!! (And do I need one?)
LKFJSGLK:JFG January 13, 2017
Amanda G. January 13, 2017
Hmm... I wonder. I did a quick Google and came up with nothing! :(
Frederik W. January 15, 2017

German Quality vom F. Dick (I know, funny Name in German it means "fat". But so what, that´s his laste name, tough ;))