Is This Japanese Fast-Food Jingle As Catchy As Everyone Says?

January 25, 2017

Here’s a quick tune to delight you. A warm jingle for your next fry-making activity.

Ever been to a McDonald’s in Japan? I haven’t. But if you have, perhaps you’ve heard this song that's played by a deep-frying machine upon completion of fries. Last week, Japanese Twitter denizen @teikyousann composed a full-blown instrumental masterpiece out of it, and amassing a coterie of retweets and likes in the process. Listen:

Ah, yes. Do you see what all the fuss is about, now? What a chime. A banger, to gently bop your head to and tap your toes as you batter up some ‘tates.

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This viral remix is quite an earworm, but, honestly, I prefer the pared-down simplicity and innocence of the original, so blaring and persistent that it makes my teeth sweat. It’s just three notes played on loop. But what three notes they are!

Anyway, happy Wednesday.


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Jan W. January 25, 2017
The youtube video, and apparently the account to which it was uploaded, have been removed. Oh well.