Dash and Bella

April  6, 2011

There are thousands of cooking blogs -- each week, we bring you highlights from the best. This week, adventures in the kitchen with a pastry-pedigreed mom.

Dash digs into snails  Corn, Goat Cheese, Basil, and Lemon Tart with Basil and Lemon Oil

Any mother that has her kids trying snails and licking sardine eyeballs is a friend of ours. Phyllis Grant is this kind of mother. She doesn't believe in "kid food" -- no chicken nuggets or naked pasta here -- and doesn't oversimplify cooking at home. From slow-cooking with kids (for which she was featured on Daily Candy) to involving her blog's namesakes, son Dash (3) and daughter Bella (8), in every step of the cooking process, Phyllis Grant puts the rock 'n roll back in stay-at-home life. 

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A former pastry chef at New York's Bouley, Micheal's and Nobu who "tired quickly of sugar and burning her forearms and never sleeping," Phyllis has put both her maternal and pastry power towards Dash & Bella, a beautiful food blog with a purpose: to document the experience of cooking with her two children. Like the best of bedtime stories, her posts are addictive little narratives, full of adventure, curiosity, and culinary intrigue. 

Homemade Butter with Roasted Potatoes  Dash hiding behind a bottle of cream 

Her streamlined blog is a veritable treasure chest of notes, facts, step-by-step processes, and lessons about mini-epiphanies reached by Dash and Bella themselves. A hip Berkeley-ite who takes impeccable photographs, Phyllis Grant's DIY projects have a throwback nature we love. Take, for instance, homemade butter -- very Little House on the Prairie

So, three cheers for a woman who doesn't condescend to her kids. With recipes like those she's added to food52 (her Corn, Goat Cheese, Basil and Lemon Tart with Basil and Lemon Oil has us hankering for summer -- and a slice or two), we see why these wee ones rise to the challenge.

Dash (and Batman) with a chef's knife  Bella's Deconstructed BLT Salad with Crème Fraiche and Herb Dressing

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Loves F. April 8, 2011
Love!! She had me at "Bella, you're [effing] brilliant."'
mklug April 7, 2011
This blog looks suspiciously like my fantasy life...
mklug April 7, 2011
My favorite part so far is when the sun-dappled, utterly adorable Dash says, "Ok Mommy, here's your lard." What a cool family!
Victoria C. April 7, 2011
Oh, man. I LOVE this. A little boy who eats snails and calls the Kumamotos he eats moisters!
WinnieAb April 7, 2011
Somehow this beauty escaped me up till now...thanks for introducing me to what is my new favorite blog!
CatherineTornow April 7, 2011
I'm addicted. I don't even have kids, but this blog makes me want to be a badass mom, who helps kids explore the world through food.
gingerroot April 6, 2011
Love your blog - your photos are gorgeous, and the idea that cooking with children is an invaluable education and happily messy. I also love that you tell it how it really is.
ALittleZaftig April 6, 2011
Lovely. Brings back so many happy memories of cooking together every day with my own children as they were growing up.
tanuki April 6, 2011
fiveandspice April 6, 2011
What a beautiful blog! Can't wait to dive into it.
Kitchen B. April 6, 2011
Great blog that makes me want to dish out virtual hugs, in understanding of daring parents the world over, their precocious kids and the food they eat,
boulangere April 6, 2011
This looks incredible! Thank you so much for sharing it with us - this is who I'm having dinner with tonight!
Bevi April 6, 2011
This is a great blog, and that tart has been saved to my recipe file.