The Piglet

Your Piglet Tournament of Cookbook Questions, Asked & Answered

February 21, 2017

Ever wonder why The Piglet is named after a baby pig? Or how the bracket tournament plays out? Or how we choose the books? Or why Food52 has been talking a lot about this cookbook tournament lately?

For those of you who are new to the tournament—and for you returning, excited readers—we answer all of those questions. Here's a video explaining how it all works.

See you back here tomorrow, when official play begins.

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Patricia R. April 27, 2017
I loved the video it's a pleasure to meet you, Patricia Robinson
jenniebgood February 22, 2017
Great video on the history of the Piglet, Charlotte and Kenzi! It's always great to watch the Piglet unfold. Each year without fail the contest piques my interest in a cookbook or two that I wouldn't have otherwise thought I'd be interested in. And a great by-product of the contest: reading the judge bios and finding new folks to follow on Twitter/Instagram!