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A Creamy Curry That's Mild on Heat But Not on Flavor

March 22, 2017

This Bangladeshi version of korma is adapted from my dear Bangladeshi friend, Lani Siddique.

It closely adheres to the refined culinary traditions of the Mughal Empire of South Asia, with its warming spices like the mighty cardamom and cinnamon. It's also reminiscent of its Persian roots—with nuts, dried fruit, and cream (in this case tangy yogurt to offset some sweetness).

There are whole spices and whole green chiles, which lend great layers of flavor without the heat of traditional curries.

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Helen's All Night Diner, a Food52 community recipe tester, says of the dish:

"Every once in a while you come across a recipe that makes you believe in alchemy. I wasn’t really convinced that this would come together like the picture, but magically it did. The flavors are warm and subtly spicy with lots of buttery overtones. I suspect that is from all the ghee, olive oil, and yogurt. But if you were to lighten up the recipe, I doubt you would get a result even close to this, so I didn’t try. This would make a great party dish since you can make it ahead."

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  • M Stuart Itter
    M Stuart Itter
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    Lois Soiffer
  • E
Hi I'm Sara and I love the art of food & travel. I have a blog called One Tribe Gourmet, where I share my passion for global cuisine and my travel adventures around the world. I have always felt that food is the most common denominator that crosses all boundaries and brings people together. The ritual of “Breaking Bread” in every culture is a special bonding experience. Personally I love to experience different cultures through there cuisines! My goal here is to encourage an individual who is interested in learning different global cuisine yet is a bit intimidated by it. I am here to help you, all you have to do is open your heart!!!


M S. March 24, 2017
Four bird chiles in this little dish. Can't be mild unless the chiles are not really Thai.
Lois S. March 22, 2017
I guess we vegetarians are out of luck, oh well, LOL
E March 23, 2017
In all honesty, I think it would be good with cauliflower. Never had a vegetarian version, but I think if you add more liquid to compensate for the lack of moisture coming off of a cauliflower to make the gravy, it should work out to make something delicious. My mom loves making South Asian curries with taro roots too, so maybe use taro, or a combo of taro and cauliflower. I think sturdy roots would be best here. Again, don't know how it would actually turn out, but from looking at this particular recipe, adding more liquid to form a gravy while also checking to see the veg doneness (florets and cubes would probably take way less time than cooking with meat) should create a good substitute.
E March 22, 2017
OMG this is one of my favorite things to eat, ever! I request it for my birthday and basically every special occasion throughout the year. I must show this recipe to my mom.

This particular dish just can't be lightened up, like you wrote - my mom tried to experiment a few times in making it less rich and fatty...and it totally was a let down.

Lois S. March 22, 2017
Anybody tried substituting tofu or another veggie protein for the chicken?