Product Design

The Mason Jar Gets a Makeover

April  7, 2017

On Wednesday, Newell Brands rolled out a few new additions to its ever-expanding selection of mason jars, those pretty little vessels that have kept the company afloat for years. Ball, the subsidiary of Newell that manufactures these jars, isn’t putting the kibosh on its original design, just expanding its portfolio with these new iterations of the product's basic template.

Ball's now offering mini four-ounce jars, 16-ounce smooth-sided jars, and some with more foolproof latches. It's begun to sell recipe cards that'll walk canning novices like myself through simple recipes, like Dill Pickle Mix and Sweet and Tangy Bread & Butter Pickle Mix, along with pre-portioned spice packets. The company has also expanded the lifespan of its lids to 18 months.

Perhaps the most exciting new product they’ve rolled out, though, is their spiral mason jar. It looks, essentially, like a wider hourglass figurine, with a svelte, sleek torso that gets thinner as you get to the middle of the jar before it rounds out near its bottom.

Pretty, no?

“The modern shape lends beautifully to beverage and crafting uses, while also remaining ideal for home canning,” Ball boasts of its new spiral jars. I doubt that's a lie. Ball’s been making mason jars for 130 years, and they’ve since proven to be especially versatile, multipurpose vestibules. Sometimes, a jar is not just a jar. You can pickle whatever your heart desires. Can something. Plant a flower. Drink tea out of it, as I do. Embrace its versatility. I, for one, am pretty jazzed to put my spiral jar to good use—there are so many uses, after all.

What do you think of the new spiral mason jar? Let us know in the comments.


Jeff S. April 14, 2017
Other than the lids, there's nothing really new here other than fashion. The Ball wide mouth pint is still the king of the hill: 1001 uses, can't ever have enough!
DMStenlake April 7, 2017
Count me out. I like the old "fashion" style. Right now there's one on my counter holding parsley or is it cilantro! And two other types with mint and cilantro or is it parsley! It looks pretty and it's handy too!
Noreen F. April 7, 2017
I'm going to have to look for some of the mini jars. I like to experiment with jam flavors, so I'm usually making small batches, plus the small jars get eaten up faster!
Karen H. April 7, 2017
Sorry, the Mini jars are not meant for canning... I have some and am using for gifts, like vanilla sugar, lilac sugar, powdered veggies (that I dehydrate and powder).
AntoniaJames April 12, 2017
Noreen, Ball has been making a 4 ounces jar for canning for decades: Perfect for small batches, and when not used for canning, they're great for storing half-lemons and limes, sun-dried tomatoes soaked in homemade garlic and shallot confit, mustard mixed with leftover bits of jam - great on any sandwich with cheese - and so many other things. ;o)
Lina April 7, 2017
In canning, particularly pickling and preserving whole fruits in syrup the shoulders of the jar help keep the food submerged which helps it maintain best quality and shelf life. The spiral jar looks great for an iced coffee or storing dry goods but skip it for canning.
tamater S. April 7, 2017
I think the straight walled 1.5 jars (very top picture, a line-up of them) are great for storing as well as for canning. But these other jars, and specialty lids - well, they're not so much overplayed as overpriced.
Whiteantlers April 7, 2017
Ah. That is a lovely spiral shape. I just succumbed to the 2 flavours of Seedlip non-alcoholic spirits and can imagine building a spring or summer drink in one of these jars, sipping and sitting in my sunroom, watching the sun go down. Nice post for a blustery April day. : )