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The Little Things Food52ers Do That Make Our Mornings Better

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At Food52, we believe small, personal touches make even the most mundane routines so much better, like brewing a cup of quality coffee with Nespresso’s VertuoPlus. We partnered with Nespresso to share how our team makes mornings special—and hope to hear what yours are, too.

What are the little things that you do to make your mornings better? Do you drink from a fancy coffee mug, journal one page, go on a morning walk, or fling open the doors or windows to let the breeze in as you get ready?

We all have ways to cope with putting two feet on the ground once the alarm goes off (no snoozing!), and there may be more people than you know who do the same thing you do. Me? I immediately make coffee, hug my dog a few times, and open the doors for a dose of sunlight, to feel the breeze, or to just hear the birds sing (seriously). It's a soothing way to start the day.

There are many mornings made better by coffee at Food52.
There are many mornings made better by coffee at Food52. Photo by Bobbi Lin

Here's how our team takes on the mornings—and we'd love for you to share your strategies in the comments, too.

"I lay my clothes out the night before, put my coffee in a nice mug, make the bed, and pet the cat," says Ali, our Books Editor and Stylist. "And I pack a pastry for work, which I won't remember I have until around 3pm, and then am so happy about it."

Our co-founder Amanda pumps herself up for a new day by doing the following: Setting out her clothes the night before so she doesn't have to stress about what to wear, stretching in her kids' room so she can chat with them while they're waking up, and snuggling her kids while her husband reads to them at breakfast. Read about her full morning routine here.

"I make my bed as soon as I get up. Starting the day with a tidy bedroom makes me happy!" Megan, our Digital Marketing Manager, shares. (Me too, Megan, me too!)

A Duvet Cover Hack We're Stealing from Hotel Bedding
A Duvet Cover Hack We're Stealing from Hotel Bedding

Sarah, our Data Analyst, works from home, so she says it's important for her to have a routine and get out of the house. "I wake up, shower and put on the season's appropriate robe, grab a hot cup of coffee, and more recently, water my new garden. A mid-day walk around the neighborhood with my dog is also a must—time with animals equals happiness," she says.

"I listen to NPR hourly update, then I hop in the shower, and put on oldies, jazz, whatever gets me going. It's a full-senses wake-up call!" exclaims Kate, one of our Directors of Events.

Kristen, our Creative Director, just started listening to a new podcast for her commute to work, which makes her more excited to get out the door! (Yes, it's S-Town, but have you heard Burnt Toast?)

Before the internet calls, our Social Media Manager Kaitlin takes a run outside when the weather is nice or hikes it to the gym—she says it never fails to start her day off right (even though it's very hard to get out of bed).

"I go for even a 5-minute walk around the block, cuddle with my cat for 3 solid minutes, and download a podcast or playlist for my commute," Sarah, our Senior Staff Writer and Stylist, shares. She also coordinates commuting with her partner so she has someone enjoyable to be on the train with.

"I give my stainless steel water bottle a good scrubbing every morning before I fill it up, making sure to get into every crevice," says our co-founder Merrill." I find washing dishes meditative, and with a sparkling clean water bottle, I'm ready to face the world." (Read about Merrill's full morning routine here.)

Getting up early to go to the gym before work helps our Assistant Buyer Jackson feel stretched out and energized for the day—and it means that before 8 a.m., he's already accomplished something!

"I definitely take 5 to 10 minutes every morning to be present/mindful to start the day, a la meditation—but not necessarily guided," says our Sales Director Corey.

"If I'm in the need of a morning pick-me-up while commuting to work, I'll get off the subway one stop early and walk the rest of the way to the office. It's a chance to clear my mind and prepare myself to walk into the office, ready for anything," Connor, our Account Coordinator, states.

Coffee? Check. Newspaper? Check. Pastry for now and for the afternoon slump? CHECK!
Coffee? Check. Newspaper? Check. Pastry for now and for the afternoon slump? CHECK! Photo by Bobbi Lin

Grace, our Manager of Brand Experience, doesn't just make her coffee, but spends some time with it. "I love the ritual of making coffee each morning and appreciate a little time where nothing else is required than to enjoy my coffee and let my mind wander," she says.

"I love to sit with a GIANT mug of a chai coconut milk latte and watch the morning news, while asking a million annoying questions to my boyfriend about the day/week ahead and his thoughts," says Kaitlyn, Account Manager.

Our Director of Brand Experience Lily and I are on the same page. She will always, always, always do the dishes and clear the counter the night before, no matter how tired she is. "It makes getting up and making coffee or breakfast so much more pleasant," she adds. "I wish I were just as religious about washing my face!"

Kristina, our Buyer, listens to podcasts in the morning while she cooks breakfast and makes coffee. "If I happen to be home alone, it's especially soothing," she says. "The warm sound of voices puts me in a meditative, relaxed, and cozy state."

We partnered with Nespresso to celebrate the launch of their newest coffee machine VertuoPlus, which makes quality espresso and large-cup coffee—topped with a silky layer of crema—with one touch. (Their coffee capsules are recyclable, too!) Get the details about the one-touch-to-extraordinary VertuoPlus here.

This post originally ran in May 2017, and we thought it was especially fitting to run again to help kick off the new year.

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