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5 Reasons Why We're Loving the Ballarini Nonstick Fry Pan

July 28, 2017

Have you met the Ballarini Professionale Nonstick Fry Pan? It knocked our socks off, and yours, too, soaring to instant best-seller status when we first added it to the Shop. It's an Italian-made, professional-grade workhorse of a pan, and it's only available at Food52.

The pan even got love from the The New York Times: Florence Fabricant's weekly column Front Burner is where she shares the latest tools, cookbooks, events, and other tips for the culinary-minded who want to stay in-the-know. And she's featured the Ballarini Professionale Nonstick Fry Pan.

They are heavy yet well balanced, so flipping a pile of sizzling sugar snaps is easy.
Florence Fabricant, The New York Times

We took a break from ogling (and cooking with) our Ballarinis to let you in on five of our favorite things:

1. They're heavy duty enough to stand up to anything—including busy restaurant kitchens.

Ballarini fry pans are pro-grade and used in restaurant kitchens all over the world. Hefty (but not cast iron-hefty) with a cold-forged aluminum construction, they heat up quickly and evenly. There are fewer of those spots where things just don't seem to get as hot. You know how shrimp seems to cook faster on one side of your skillet than the other? Not with the Ballarini.

2. They have extra-long handles (it matters!).

When your stovetop is doing overtime and you've got all four burners occupied, a precarious grab over a hot pot might be required. Ballarini fry pans have an extra-long, hollow handle so not only does it stay cooler, it requires less of a risky reach.

3. Metal utensils on nonstick coating? You better believe it!

As most of your nonstick pans can likely attest, nonstick coating and metal utensils don't always get along. Miracle of miracles, Ballarini pans have a PFOA-free coating that stands up to a scratchy spatula.

4. They're oven safe up to 500°F.

The Ballarini goes from stovetop to oven without a second thought. It can rock ripping-hot heat, so you can finally try out that sear-first, oven-second method to master your next ribeye steak.

5. A bunch more reasons.

An easy-to-clean brushed aluminum exterior, dishwasher-safe, superior stability with a flat base, and designed with intense use in mind. Need we go on?

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Vicki September 5, 2021
This article says oven safe to 500° but I have read it’s more like 300°. Which is correct?
Lisa September 3, 2018
I know this article is a year old, but it's no longer true that this pan is only available at Food52. I just bought this exact pan at Sur La Table.
Ena August 22, 2017
I ordered these pans, but they make a troublesome popping noise throughout the cooking process. I don't know if it's normal for these pans, but I'm now second-guessing my purchase.
Kathleen August 14, 2017
About 20 years ago, I purchased a set (8", 10", & 12") of Nordic Ware nonstick pans from the now-defunct Chef's Catalog. Their selling points were eerily similar to Ballarini's - made for restaurant use, able to stand up to that kind of abuse. I liked their shape, their heft, that they came with removable silicone handle sleeves. I didn't use metal utensils with them. I have to report that after 20 years. the non-stick coating has deteriorated badly. So, I'm sorry, but I'm skeptical about Ballarini's claims, and I'll be sticking with my carbon steel pans!
Lisa September 3, 2018
I would say a non-stick pan that lasted 20 years would be a good feature. May I ask how long before it started to deteriorate? I just bought this pan and used it once and love it, and I'll be happy if it lasts at least 10 years. I've never had a non-stick pan last longer than that and I only buy high-end expensive pans.
judy July 31, 2017
Food52 was wonderful. I did not have a very good expeireince with the bailarini pan. but I had great customer service help and response to my concerns. They even sent me a zwillig pan as a replacement, when I did not want another Bailiarini. They said they were made by the same company. But they are two entirely different pans. I am very happy with the zwillig pan. The info says metal utensil safe, but I think that I will just use my silicone and melamine utensils. I have made the most beautiful omelet for the first time in my life! just the barest hint of butter, and that was too much! I am careful to put a towel in this pan so as not to scratch when storing. Hopefully this will be the non-stick pan that lasts for years! Nice heft, nice balance, handle not too long, no too heavy. A breeze to clean. Thank you Food52.
Meleyna N. August 2, 2017
If you don't mind me asking, what was the problem with this pan?
gracejpark August 11, 2017
Yes, could you expand on why you didn't like the ballerini pans? and also specify which zwillig pan you ended up with? i ordered the 8 inch and the 12.5 inch and was a bit surprised at how long the handle was on the 12.5 pan. i have inquired food52 about a possible return and exchange on the 12.5 but was planning to keep the 8. looking forward to hearing from you.