Your Best Autumn Puree Video

October 27, 2009


Susan B. October 26, 2009
Loved this video! You seem to be having so much fun! Thank you for the tips on celeriac. I got 5(!!) from my CSA last week and was wondering what to do with it all. I might just have to make a full recipe and freeze some (thank you to the other commenter for tip on freezing). <br /><br />I really like that you're cooking in a home kitchen, complete with well used sheet pans and (*hmm*) dusty food mills, and the occasional stray child...makes this viewer feel right at home!
testkitchenette October 24, 2009
Loved the video and commentary of both our recipes as well! I also love the kitchen you both are cooking in!
Sonali A. October 24, 2009
What a great video! It was so much fun (and a bit surreal) watching the two of you prepare our recipes. Thanks for posting it!
MrsWheelbarrow October 23, 2009
Loved this video. You two are definitely getting comfortable in front of the camera, hm? Such a relief to see there isn't a better way to peel a celeriac than hacking at it with a large knife. I often wondered if there was a chef-secret! Cannot wait to move beyond remoulade with this puree. (PS All the puree recipes looked delicious.)
Amanda H. October 24, 2009
Thanks -- we'd had plenty of caffeine that morning. The celery root puree has a surprising brightness and almost lemony flavor, which we liked (we think it comes from the apple). They're both wonderful recipes.
hudsongarlic October 23, 2009
Excellent recipe! (Needs more garlic but I always say that...).<br />Good info on the Celeriac, now's the time to find them. One could also add a few Jerusalem Artichokes but you could also add parsnips even a few carrots, any savory root you can find and it would still be delicious.<br />In my experience they ge thinner when you freeze them so try to make extra thick....<br /><br />I know this is meant to be 'bloggy' and reality oriented but the shaky camera and the phantom voice (why not introduce the camera person) are a bit distracting.
Amanda H. October 24, 2009
That's a great tip about freezing -- it's true for stews as well. The phantom voice is Helen Johnston, our wonderful editor, who also writes the Family Meal and Reciprocity blog posts and who creates our slideshows among many other things. We'll introduce her next time.
Rhonda35 October 23, 2009
You two are having way too much fun in this video! Lots of good tips interspersed with good humor, PLUS you spoke loudly this time - yay, you!!! I imagine these purees probably freeze well...if the twins get tired of eating them for the next two months.
Amanda H. October 24, 2009
It's too bad we didn't have this contest back when they didn't have teeth and were eating purees all the time.