Get Pumped: Ina Garten's New Show Premieres on Sunday

May 26, 2017

A mere two months ago, Ina Garten announced that her new show, simply titled Cooking Like a Pro, would be premiering in May. There was little to no other information given about the project at the time.

Since then, there’s been a slow, incremental rollout of information. For one, it’s set to premiere this Sunday at 11AM on the Food Network. Throughout the 8-episode season, Garten will be occasionally featuring others celebrity chef cohort, from Mario Batali to April Bloomfield, as guests. She's devoting the first episode to chicken.

More generally, though, the show represents a thematic change of pace for Garten, whose previous shows have been focused on dispensing tips on how to entertain guests. Here, she’ll be focusing her energies more on cooking tips (like, for example, how best to cut cauliflower florets, she tells People). It's a decision born out of the sheer number of emails and letters she gets from fans asking her about the best techniques.

Garten's new show is “going to be SO different,” Refinery29 tells me. “This is going to be HUGE,” says Delish. Will it? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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’Cook Like a Pro’ premieres this Sunday at 11AM on the Food Network. Will you be tuning in?

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BerryBaby May 28, 2017
Ok, I watched Ina's new show and if you have followed Ina over the years, it's pretty much a review of what she has already showed us. It's Ina cooking except going into detail as to what she is doing. No chatting about Jeffrey, friends or table settings, just step-by-step instructions. For me, it wasn't as interesting. Quite sure the target audience are individuals just starting out or a LOT younger than me!
It is good show and I'll watch it, because I enjoy Ina, but doubtful I'll learn anything Ina hasn't taught me over the years. BB
BerryBaby May 27, 2017
Love Ina and happy to see a new show and not a rerun from 2008 or earlier.
Was reading that the show is primarily Ina answering viewers questions. I enjoy Ina but I miss TR...wonder if he will show up in any episodes? Now, those are reruns I don't mind watching.! :)