The 'Twin Peaks' Coffee Commercials That Only Aired in Japan

May 30, 2017

Though Twin Peaks was canceled a mere year after premiering on ABC in the States, it was undergoing something of a popularity boom in Japan in 1992. So rabid was its fanbase that, one year later, Georgia (Jōjia) Coffee, a Japanese canned coffee brand owned by Coca-Cola, hired David Lynch to direct a series of four Twin Peaks-themed commercials for their product.

They essentially act as the show’s season 2.5, a story in four 30-second chapters (embedded below). I recently became aware of the existence of these commercials, and I’m totally flummoxed as to why everyone isn’t talking about them.

The commercials concern a Japanese man named Ken, who enlists Dale Cooper’s help to find his missing wife, Asami, while the roving supporting cast of Twin Peaks appears. Georgia Coffee weasels its way into each narrative rather inelegantly, which is pretty elemental to the appeal—the commercials are giddily self-aware and sarcastic.

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Though Lynch had initially been asked to direct a second round of these commercials, that didn't quite pan out. Georgia Coffee was reportedly displeased with the outcome of the first round of commercials. I can’t imagine why.

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Moshee June 2, 2017
Ah, Twin Peaks shot in my home land. So excited for it to be back - though I missed MacLachlan yesterday. I've never seen these commercials but it's like "Of course Japan loved this show!" It's freaking awesome. And scary.
Kirsten E. June 2, 2017
Oh my goodness, that was fantastic. Thanks for sharing!
Whiteantlers May 30, 2017
I liked these commercials better than the show! Thanks for making them available.
anita May 30, 2017
Twin Peaks was on for two seasons, not one.
Nikkitha B. May 30, 2017
Correct. The article states that the original show lasted a year, not a season. That's why we refer to the commercials as "season 2.5."