Toasting the Royal Wedding

April 27, 2011


Whether for a hearty breakfast (in the wee hours when the ceremony starts on Friday!) or tea and cake at a more civilized hour, here are 18 suitably British-accented dishes and cocktail or two for toasting Kate and Wills.

Flirtini by CatherineTornow

Shop the Story



Magical Coffee by ErinH

Magical Coffee


Butternut Sage Scones by mrslarkin

Butternut Sage Scones


One-Eyed Sandwiches by merrill

One-Eyed Sandwiches


Cream Biscuits by merrill (try them with some marmalade or with bacon and eggs)

Cream Biscuits


Mom's Flapjacks by Londonfoodieny

Mom's Flapjacks


Crimson Bulleit Punch by Oui, Chef

Crimson Bulleit Punch


Banana Bread by merrill

Banana Bread


Welsh Rarebit With Spinach by cooklynveg

Welsh rarebit with spinach


Sweet and Savory Shortbread by merrill

Sweet and Savory Shortbread


Madeira Tart by thirschfeld

Madeira Tart


Clementine Pound Cake by SavvyJulie

Clementine Pound Cake


Nineteenth Century Roman Punch by amanda

Nineteenth Century: Roman Punch


Cucumber and Butter Tea Sandwiches by merrill

Cucumber and Butter Tea Sandwiches


Fig and Blue Cheese Savouries by TheRunawaySpoon

Fig and Blue Cheese Savouries


Black Tea Jelly by merrill

Black Tea Jelly


Rhubarb Curd Shortbread by Rivka

Rhubarb Curd Shortbread


Millionaire's Shortbread by merrill

Millionaire's Shortbread


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CookOnTheFly April 28, 2011
I will be in Manchester, UK watching it all on real-time on BBC One. The hotel I'm at is having a commemorative High Tea in the afternoon and I made a reservation. My hat and I are going to have a fabulous day of it!
cheese1227 April 27, 2011
Eliza and I are hosting a mother/daughter high tea in honor of the nuptials -- all proceeds go to the YWCA.
Bevi April 27, 2011
That's a great way to celebrate. I'd love to hear your menu!
eatboutique April 27, 2011
I took the day off so I could watch early! :)
Bevi April 27, 2011
I am TiVo-ing the wedding, but fastfowarding as soon as I awaken so I can get to the "heart" of the matter.