With These Ingredients, Take Your Morning Juice Where It Hasn't Gone Before

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With These Ingredients, Take Your Morning Juice Where It Hasn't Gone Before

July 18, 2017

Your morning routine deserves a lift—by way of more refreshing, exciting juices. Inspired by the orange blossom, rose, and sage waters in their Queen of Hungary Mist, we partnered with Omorovicza to bring the ingredients of their facial mist to life in the kitchen.

Like anything you enjoy often, you might be propelled to switch up your morning juice routine. What else can you put in that store-bought juice, or homemade blend—besides more kale? What will make it more delicious? (For some: What will make it easier to get through?)

For juice inspiration, we went outside the kitchen Photo by Julia Gartland

A wander around your home and into your garden might inspire you. Or just keep scrolling: We've got seven additions that you might already have on hand and will have your juice (and you) feeling happy and zazzy and excited and new again. (Like your first fresh-pressed juice. Remember it?)

Here are seven ingredients to add to your morning juice routine—some soothing, some energizing, some just really delicious—and ideas for what juices they might be good in.


You already know this, right? Click here for loads of ideas for adding herbs to juice.

Blossom Waters

We got this idea from this great post by Alice Medrich. A few drops of rose water or orange blossom water atop a juice adds perfume that nicely softens that taste of a sturdy vegetable. (Like Alice says, don't forget to add to cocktails, too.)

Activated Charcoal

People are into activated charcoal because of its detoxifying—and visual—qualities. Some don’t love the taste (it's a little...woodsy? cementy? metallicky?), but a little will help diffuse sweetness in a particularly fruity blend.

Infused Sugar

Infuse sugar with anything you and our juice desire (see how here), then sprinkle it atop your juice. It’s a tidy way to add sweetness and other ingredients to your drink. (Keep a little jar of it in your bag or office for brightening store-bought juice.)

Cayenne Pepper

Similarly, garnishing that drink with something spicy (or spiced)—cayenne, chile flakes, cinnamon, black pepper, hot sauce—can give your juice a new swagger.

Vanilla Bean

If you’re known to make big batches of juice, add a split vanilla bean to the mix and let it infuse as you drink it. The vanilla will slowly seep into the blend, like a tea bag. Alternatively, you could fleck a few vanilla bean seeds into individual juices.


Maybe this is a silly idea, but for people who aren’t the best at drinking enough water every day (ahem), diluting good-tasting juice with alkaline or regular—or heck, sparkling—water might turn that train around.

Photo by Julia Gartland, Graphic by Tim McSweeney

Now that you're overflowing (hehe) with wild ideas, here are some combos to get you started:

Romaine + watermelon + sage

Any greens + alkaline water + basil

Celery + cucumber + vanilla bean

Carrot + lemon + rose water

Beet + grapefruit + orange blossom water

Spinach + blueberry + lavender sugar

Strawberry + lime + charcoal

Pineapple + lemon + cayenne pepper

Are your spirits lifted now? Inspired by the healing ingredients in their Queen of Hungary Mist, we partnered with Omorovicza to share refreshing ingredient combinations to give your juices a boost. Omorovicza is offering $50 off a $150 purchase with code FOOD52.*

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Rachel July 19, 2017
activated charcoal is not that good for you, unless you're trying to prevent poisoning. Eating it regularly can interfere with certain kinds of medicines, and saying it is "detoxifying" is misleading because activated charcoal binds to everything, Not just toxins. Basically by putting it in a juice, you end up preventing absorption of the minerals and vitamins you were trying to get in the first place.