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Your Green Juice is Missing Something

January  2, 2017

Is your green juice no longer green to you? Your carrot-orange-ginger losing its zip? While vodka might be the first option that comes to mind for improving the matter (just me?), there's another, work-appropriate way to bring life back into your juice routine.

At New York's Maialino, they have a carrot-apple-ginger juice on the menu, but after one sip, you know something else is going on. They sneak thyme in there, which gives the juice a more interesting, rounded flavor (and probably some health benefits, too). Just like mixing savory, hearty root vegetables and sprightly, sweeter citrus makes a juice more balanced, blending in herbs adds another layer of flavor to the mix.

Whether you choose cilantro for tropical sweetness or rosemary for savory darkness, there are a lot of ways to play—take a look at some flavor combos below. And in terms of how much herb you'll need to juice, more is generally more—a bunch (stems and all) will produce a few tablespoons of juice. So the solution to that droopy bunch of basil in your fridge is to drink it up (bet you never said that before).


  • carrot + apple + ginger + thyme
  • blackberry + celery + thyme


  • beet + lemon + strawberry + rosemary
  • carrot + pear + rosemary


  • kale + ginger + spinach + cucumber + pineapple + cilantro
  • green bell pepper + jalapeno + cilantro (make a bunch and warm it into a soup)


  • spinach + dandelion greens + pomegranate + lime + basil
  • grapefruit + basil


  • pear + lime + tarragon
  • celery + cucumber + tarragon


  • carrot + orange + turmeric + dill
  • wheatgrass + green apple + dill


  • cabbage + arugula + apple + parsley
  • beet + carrot + orange + parsley


  • fennel + cucumber + celery + mint
  • carrot + papaya + mint

What are your favorite juice combos? Tell us in the comments below!

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This article originally appeared on February 5, 2016. We're re-running it now because we're in need of some post-holiday green juice (just us?).

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Lyndsay March 14, 2017
Parsley, cucumber, lemon, ginger is yummy - add apple if you need some sweetness.
Gina March 13, 2017
Great ideas! Thank you! ;)
Sonali V. August 14, 2016
Wheat Grass is another wonder green veg. It has a higher nutritional content than any other vegetable, protects against inflammation, builds red blood cells and improves circulation. For more details check
george February 6, 2016
Love this. Constantly forgetting to eat, Juicing is my quick fix. No ya not alone on the "Wodka" - my mother swears it increases the antioxidants in a juice...