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Mark Bittman Is Back in New York, with A Lot More to Say

June 15, 2017

New York magazine has a fancy new name to add to its masthead: Mark Bittman, the food journalist who's authored several excellent cookbooks, whose food and op-ed columns ran in The New York Times for two decades, and who, more recently, became a faculty member at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health.

In 2015, Bittman left his role at the Times to become the chief innovation officer at Purple Carrot, a vegan meal delivery service, but left the company after just six months. In his annotated introduction to New York magazine and Grub Street, Bittman admits that joining the company “might have been a mistake, except everything that followed was kind of great, so… I’m reminded that nothing is black and white.”

Take heart, anyone who’s struggled to build the exact career they want—even the pros don’t always get it right, and that’s a good thing.

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Though he moved to Berkeley, California, in 2015, Bittman has since returned to New York to take up residence at Glynwood, a farming nonprofit in the Hudson Valley. It’s clear he misses some of the perks of living out west (like having a lemon tree), but it really couldn’t compare to the East Coast.

Bittman also grew to miss weekly deadlines. “I want to write about cooking again, daily cooking, the kind of thing I think I do best,” he explained. “And I want a place to rant about food, justice, and the future of humans.”

In his first column for the magazine, “The New Foodieism,” Bittman is as conscientious as ever, calling for the reimagination of the word foodie: “I don’t mind the term, but it’s gotta mean more than talking about eating,” he writes.

And digging into the more is what he plans to do. From race and gender issues to diet and nutrition, Bittman believes "food issues affect everyone," and his new column explores how. All that, plus weekly recipe videos and features on cooking and food policy have us excited to have Bittman back in the food media world and the columns that lies ahead.

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Michele F. June 16, 2017
Mark Bittman Is a joy... recipes for simple, delicious food ... writing that is intelligent, informative, not trendy or prescious. His focus on health and sustainability is a natural progression. (But I'm never giving up my love of unctuous butter on a perfect little skirt steak!) so happy he's back.
FS June 15, 2017
Love Mark Bittman's books! In fact, my bookshelf has most of the volumes in the pic above!