The Food Network Show We’re Most Excited for This Summer

June 28, 2017

Late last summer, the Food Network announced that it’d ordered a six-episode series from Hannah Hart, the 30-year-old host of "My Drunk Kitchen" on YouTube. Details were scant, but the show was pitched to the public as a six-episode culinary travelogue series. Each episode would involve Hart going across the country and wading through a certain city's gastronomic delights on a limited budget, 2017's spiritual sister to $40 a Day.

Hart, for the unfamiliar, began her wildly popular web series on YouTube in 2011. She’s since risen meteorically to stardom—landing on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list in 2015, authoring two books that’ve gotten her on the New York Times bestseller list.

Consider this a PSA: Last week, Hart teased more details about the show, called I Hart Food, which will officially be premiering on August 14 at 10/9C. She’ll be in Santa Fe during the first episode, exploring the state’s fascination with red and green chiles. Hart will follow this with trips to Asheville, NC; Portland, ME; Eugene, OR; Minneapolis, MN; and Missoula, MT. Hart's video begins as an anecdote about a vaguely disastrous croissant-making experience and inelegantly (but hilariously) splinters into an announcement about the show. Fast forward to the 8:40 mark for specifics on I Hart Food.

I'm certainly looking forward to seeing Hart on television. Her charisma is difficult to resist, and she's got enough crossover appeal to make the same leap Issa Rae did, at least to my mind. As far as stardom goes, Hart certainly deserves it.

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Barbara J. June 29, 2017
croissants: hysterical!:)
M June 28, 2017
So happy to see the link and click on this, then SO disappointed to see it's just another eating through the US travel show.