The Tropical Version of a PB&J Sandwich—Except, It's a Cookie

July 10, 2017

I’m crazy for coconut. I’ve created dozens of recipes that celebrate it, including a gorgeous makeover of classic coconut macaroons, crispy coconut wafers, crunchy coconut stick cookies, and even a lavish coconut version of the iconic French Marjolaine Cake.

Lately I’ve been riffing on Crunchy Coconut Cookies from my book, Flavor Flours, making all kinds of nutty variations, adding toasted sesame seeds, fooling with the texture, changing the method, swapping in kinds of flours, you name it. A good recipe is a terrific source of inspiration—and it deserves to be worked!

Can you see where this inspiration is leading? Photo by James Ransom

Last week I altered the recipe and method to increase the crunchiness of the cookies. Pressing the dough into thin rounds rather than slicing it from a log eliminated the need to refrigerate it and got me a bonus: golden brown deckled edges around each cookie. So pretty! And done, right?

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But then, almost without thinking, I smeared a little peanut butter and some raspberry preserves between two of the cookies. The results were crazy good—and so simple.

That's the perfect amount of ooze Photo by James Ransom

There is just one little, potentially annoying step, and it’s optional: stiffen the peanut butter by spreading it over a couple of coffee filters to absorb excess oil. You do not have to do this—I swear—but it helps prevent filling from oozing from the sandwiches, and, even better, it gets you extra good peanut-y flavor that really pops in contrast with the tangy sweet preserves and coconut-y cookies. It’s entirely up to you.


Nicole S. July 10, 2017
Could I sub something for the egg white? My daughter is sensitive and I still don't have substitutes down for baking. Thanks in advance.
Julia C. July 10, 2017
Ohhhh, these sound delicious! I've the time, but no recipe. Yikes! Please share it because I feel a powerful need to eat some in the very near future! I love p-nut butter! Thank you!
Nikkitha B. July 10, 2017
That's my fault! Sorry about that. Added above, and here's the link:
judy July 10, 2017
good article-I would have liked the recipe. thanks
Nikkitha B. July 10, 2017