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This Is the World's Favorite Color—and We're Into It

July 14, 2017

Earlier this month, British paper company G. F Smith publicized the findings of a survey they’d conducted in conjunction with design agency Made Thought in January. The two companies wanted to figure out what the world's favorite color was, so they created a nifty online portal to collect responses: The survey’s participants had been asked to hover their mouse over an assortment of colors until they landed on a color that was most appealing to them.

30,000 people across 100 different countries ended up responding, and G. F Smith chose a shade that essentially averaged all the participants’ answers. The winning shade is a tranquil, absorbing teal dubbed Marrs Green.

The winning color takes its name from Annie Marrs, a UNSECO worker from Dundee, Scotland, who chose the color closest to the eventual winning shade. She was drawn to the color due to living near River Tay, noticing the blues, grays, and greens reflected on the water's surface.

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It's a marvelous hue, at once rich and relaxing. See the process video, below, that documents how this color is made:

As far as “favorite colors” go, this one’s a shade I can certainly endorse without hesitation. It's more enchanting, to my mind, than any of the hues christened by Pantone as the "Color of the Year" in recent memory. You can have your “Greenery.” Give me Marrs Green.

What are your thoughts on Marrs Green? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Batsheva R, aka "The Midnight Chef"
    Batsheva R, aka "The Midnight Chef"
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    Shari Broder
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Batsheva R. July 16, 2017
It's currently the colour of my living room! Everyone who's seen it loves it and I've only ever gotten compliments on it! It matches lots of shades too.
Shari B. July 16, 2017
What is the hex code?
MarieGlobetrotter July 16, 2017
Imagine this color in your bathroom. I think it would make you look a little sick when you see yourself in the mirror. I would go straight back to bed in the morning
Angie July 14, 2017
I too like this color, but maybe the appeal is biased when you look at it next to other colors? How would it look independent of anything else or against a white space? Would it be as popular as something else might?