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Behr's Color of the Year Is Soothing and Tranquil

August 10, 2017

This past Tuesday, paint company Behr announced its first-ever Color of the Year. It’s a shade that the company has christened “In The Moment T18-15,” a mellow blue-green tinctured with gray.

Photo by Behr

The company believes this particular color encourages mindfulness, that it's a tonic to the overstimulation of the digital age. It's a color meant to nudge us away from our devices and closer to nature.

“In The Moment speaks to our society’s desire to disconnect and be present,” Erika Woelfel, Behr’s vice president of color and creative services, said in a statement. It’s certainly a nice shade. The color's quite chameleonic, too, adapting to its surroundings so that it accents darker rooms, vivid and luminous when surrounded by light.

Photo by Behr
Photo by Behr
Photo by Behr
Photo by Behr
Photo by Behr
Photo by Behr
Photo by Behr
Photo by Behr

If In The Moment isn’t quite your speed, Behr has also rolled out a “Color Trends palette” that’s a spectrum of 20 shades they believe we'll be seeing more of over the next year.

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Interpret this campaign as a bid, on Behr’s part, as a way to join the same bandwagon as Pantone, who annually dubs a certain color the Color of the Year. To my mind, In The Moment certainly beats any shade Pantone has picked in recent memory, though it doesn’t have a patch on Marrs Green, that blazing hue chosen as the world’s favorite color just a few weeks back.

But I understand why people may find Marrs Green too disorienting a color to bring into their homes. In The Moment is something like the more muted spiritual sister to Marrs Green. I'll take it.

Learn more about Behr's Color Trends 2018 campaign here. What's your take on In The Moment? Let us know in the comments.

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Patricia August 31, 2017
Buyer Beware. I loved this color and was looking for a color to paint my work out room. In order to get Behr's In The Moment T18-15 I had to travel 43 miles to a town I rarely shop in since it has the closest Home Depot and Home Depot is the only place in my area that carries Behr. When I got to the Home Depot I was told that this color is a very old color. They found it on their computer but didn't have paint strips with it anymore. On their screen it looked a lot darker than on my laptop and they said that black is one of the tints in it. The room I am painting is quite dark, so I didn't take a chance on it and bought a different color altogether. So much for the above statement: This past Tuesday, paint company Behr announced its first-ever Color of the Year. This article is dated August 10, 2017. Not sure I'll trust much of what I read here in the future. BTW If I had purchased my paint where I usually shop I would have received a 11% rebate they are currently offering on all home improvement products. I will only be checking recipes on this blog in the future. I agree with other comments about Behr paying the Blog to advertise in this way but I would also include Home Depot maybe?
Rhonda35 August 13, 2017
Love that color!!
isabelita August 13, 2017
Ouch! I cannot even remember what I wrote that you would suggest my reading Code of Conduct.
BakerMary August 13, 2017
How much did Behr pay you for the advert? This is not why I follow FOOD52